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One of the major causes for girl abuse is dowry system. " The  dowry system in India  is often blamed; the expectation that a large  dowry  must be provided for daughters in order for them to marry is frequently cited as a major cause for the problem. " -  Save girls - Wikipedia In dowry system the girl (the girl's family) actually gives some money to the boy (the boy's family) for marrying her. The amount depends on the quality of the guy. It increases depending on how rich is he and how socially powerful is he. Though the two families choose the well educated and well placed one, the girl only gives the money to the boy, but the boy doesn't. It's literally like a girl is buying the boy. That's why... Come on boys, we are not toys.  #SayNoToDowry On the girl's side there already an intention not to give the dowry. So let's now encourage the boys not to take the dowry. Please do share this post with #SayNoToDowry and help eradicat