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Happy New Year

Every January 1st indicates that an year has passed away and we are into another. Everybody desires and wishes everybody else that the new year would be better than the previous one. This is done with an intention to have a better experience in life all the time. The past year had been better for somebody and even worse for somebody else. But still both of them wish and desire the new year to be better than the previous one. It's the same with God as well. God also want us to get better and better in our Spiritual life all the time. In the past we committed so many sins and whenever we ask God for forgiveness, He not only forgives us but also expects us not to repeat them again. Now as we desire and wish each others a happy earthly life in the times to come, shall we have the same desire for a joyful spiritual life as well? Think of that one sin that you've been repeating again and again in the past; and make a commitment to leave that now. Praise be to God... And wish you a v