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Complete Facebook network is down. Imagine if the internet is down.

About half an hour ago complete network of Facebook (Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram) went down. And the world is going crazy. Imagine if the internet itself is down. What would be the situation in the world? Today much of the information is stored and exchanged on internet using electronic and magnetic devices. And we are also abolishing paper usage in the name of safeguarding our trees and environment. See where we are heading? We are encouraging volatile and temporary things in the world and discouraging standard and permanent things.  This is the time for us to think about the real quality of the life we are living. We are embracing instantaneous things in place of long lasting and permanent things.  The same issue can occur with crypto currencies like BitCoin. Imagine what happens if all the money in the country just vanished in a second. Countries will go bankrupt and society will be paralyzed. Let's be cautious with internet, AI and their base, the electricity.