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How to do the will of God

In the recent past I was very much troubled with respect to God's will. I'd be very confident and excited to do some things and all of a sudden somebody would say let's see if it is God's will. Then I was worried of not doing God's will because I did not think of it in the first place. So I questioned myself as follows: Why didn't I think about God's will in the first place? Am I not interested to do the will of God? Do I actually know about God's will? In fact, I always tried to live as per the word of God but never really thought of doing anything as per the will of God. Though the word of God reveals the will of God, I never really thought of God's will as a concept. But somewhere in my heart I know that we should live as per the will of God. So I started studying about the Will of God and here's what I understood: Definition of God's Will: What God would like to see happen is the will of God. In order to make us do His will, God gave us H